Most of the people love to have a garden attached with their houses. But maintaining a garden is not that easy, if you don’t invest a good amount of time in it. Sometime it becomes quite tough to invest time on garden maintenance. In that case, you can contact a gardening expert who can maintain your garden on behalf of you. If you are a citizen of Mornington Peninsula & looking for such services, then Claire’s Garden Maintenance could be the right place for you.

Claire’s Garden Maintenance is an owner operated service providing tailored solutions on gardening in Mornington Peninsula. We offer services to all kinds of commercial and residential properties. We have an extensive range of services; but primary among them are edging, line trimming, weeding, green waste removal & lawn mowing in Mornington Peninsula. We provide professional services that can help you to keep your lawn tidy & clean.

 Really no fuss at all , just give us a call and we will be happy to assist. AMAZING TEAM – COMPETITIVE PRICING – IMPECCABLE INTEGRITY

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Services we offer in Mornington Peninsula

If you stay in Mornington Peninsula and want to have a beautiful & healthy garden or yard attached with your home, then you can come to us. We can help you in planting, periodic weeding and fertilizing, lawn caring, driveway and path maintenance, shrub pruning and other jobs. We can also assist you to protect your plants and maintain your garden properly.


Lawn mowing

There is nothing like the smell of a freshly cut lawn, it is even better if someone does it for you..

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Edging gives that finishing touch around your garden. We take pride in providing precision edging ..

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Line trimming

As a part of our lawn maintenance service, we offer line trimming to borders and fences, to keep ..

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Weeding and weed management

If you can keep on top of your weeds, your garden will look well-presented all year round. We can ..

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Green waste removal

We offer green waste removal as part of your garden care package, or as a service on its own. By ..

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We offer seasonal pruning of plants. This involves cutting away and removing dead, deceased or ..

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Pest management

Not all insects are pests, some insects are good for your garden. As professional garden experts, we ..

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Small to medium hedge trimming

A neat, tidy and well-manicured hedge can make such a difference to your property, improving the ..

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